Process Server vs. Sheriff's Office

When it comes to service of process, people can typically choose between a private process server or the local sheriff to handle the job. Be aware that some jurisdictions require that you must use the sheriff when serving original process. For those who are unfamiliar with the work, they may assume that the sheriff would do a better job simply because the sheriff would be familiar with the laws. While this certainly may be true, the best option is to use a private process server over the sheriff when possible. Keep reading to learn why you should hire a private process server if you need service of process completed.


High Priority

Let’s face it: sheriff's deputies have a lot on their plate, and in many cases, a deputy is not assigned solely to service of process. Because the deputies have other tasks that demand their attention, such as public safety, service of process unfortunately does not become their top priority. This is absolutely a good thing for the county; however, for those needing an individual served, this can be a negative impact of using a sheriff over a process server. Additionally, a private civil process service company will often provide updates. A sheriff’s office may not let you know the status until after it is complete.

Speed of Service

Time is money! Because private civil process servers are dedicated to solely serving process, they are able to make more attempts in a shorter amount of time. Thus, this results in service being completed faster. This helps every step of the case move faster, which keeps clients happy.

Knowledge of Laws

Sheriff’s deputies are responsible for an entire county, and they are responsible for upholding the law. However, when it comes to the nuances of civil process service, which seem to be ever-changing as new legislation is introduced every year across the US, sheriff’s deputies may not always be apprised of the minor changes. For example, there may be minor changes to how paperwork is filed, what days service of process can be served, where it can be served (gated communities, prisons, etc.) and more. While for the most part sheriff’s departments should be knowledgeable of these rules, they may not be on top of changes as quickly as those who dedicate their livelihood to the work of civil process service.

Customer Service

Private civil process servers know that their livelihood depends on effectuating service properly and expeditiously. Private civil process servers will often go above and beyond to get the job done, which is something that most clients cannot ask of a sheriff. For example, if a client knows an individual will be at a specific place and time, a process server may be able to accommodate that request whereas the sheriff will not. Additionally, the sheriff’s office may require you to do more of the legwork (making sure you have enough copies, filing the affidavits, etc.), whereas a private process server will usually take care of these things for you.

Choose a Process Server

Overall, there are a number of benefits to using a private process server over a sheriff. This is not intended to disparage the great work that sheriffs do. Instead, we are recognizing the benefits of using a private process server. If you are looking for a reputable process server, look no further than Cheajar Legal Support Services, LLC who have vowed to uphold the NAPPS and GAPPS code of ethics and bylaws.


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